Homeowners today are savvy about their home's energy usage and they want to help keep
heating and cooling costs low. Many of them already understand the benefits of insulation
and are willing to commit to the upfront investment to see energy savings over the long run.
Residential insulation contines to be our largest market opportunity with increasing demand as older homes change hands.

Today’s homeowner is concerned and perhaps more knowledgeable than ever about their home’s energy usage. An attempt to go “green” has homeowners on the lookout for energy-efficient home improvements that reduce waste. And, largely due to the popularization of home improvement TV shows and the vast amount of information available online, today’s homeowner is better informed and equipped to make smart decisions concerning their home’s energy efficiency.

  • Too Hot / Too Cold - Many homeowners who purchase older homes find that they are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Trying to regulate inside temperatures results in high energy usage and large utility bills.
  • Old Homes Lacking Proper Insulation - Homes built prior to 1980 did not require insulation to be installed. This has left around 70+ million homes in the U.S. lacking proper insulation.
  • Wasting Money vs Saving Money - It's estimated that around 800 trillion BTUs are wasted annually in the U.S., with much of this coming from the heating and cooling of homes. Better insulation can cut down significantly on energy waste - and save a lot of money in the process.
  • National Brand Positioning / Customer Trust - Improving a home is a large investment, and homeowners want to work with a company that they can trust. The national brand power of USA Insulation and a 35-year reputation help build trust quickly.


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50% of home energy costs
...go to heating and cooling the home.
Customers save a significant portion of their energy costs and enjoy a more comfortable home while having the insulation pay for itself over time.
It made a huge difference...

We used to have $500 electric bills for one month; all the heat used to escape the house. After the insulation, I did not even need to run my heat even though it was 30 degrees outside. The insulation is working so well. You cannot feel the draft anymore. I think it was great that I insulated my basement; it made a huge difference.

Debbie M., Indianapolis, IN

We can now keep our family comfortable...

I was most satisfied because Bill said we probably would see a difference right away. I have a handicap child in our home and the difference in the temperature control is making a huge difference. Bill also said there would be a difference in our energy efficiency, but I’m mainly satisfied with the fact we can keep our child comfortable. The whole team did a great job. If they keep doing what they are doing, they will not have a problem with people referring them. In fact, I would refer them to anyone that I hear of that needs this type of work completed.

Melissa S., Niles, OH

The people made the difference...

From the first contact to the last my satisfaction with USA Insulation has been exceptional. I really believe that the product is superior in the marketplace, but more than that, it is the people who work for USA Insulation that make the difference. Any question I had was handled professionally and thoroughly.

Harold A. , Brookpark, OH

USA Insulation was extremely professional...

We’ve worked with other insulation companies in the past, but we were pleasantly surprised working with USA Insulation. Their technicians were always on time and always let us know what was going on. They didn’t leave our home in a mess, and were polite and courteous while they took care of our home. USA Insulation was extremely professional and I’d absolutely work with them again and recommend them to all of our friends and family!

Mary K – Glenview, IL

The premium foam insulation made such a difference...

Before we started working with USA Insulation, I didn’t know much about the different types of insulation available and which type would be best for our home. Their representatives came to our home and offered a consultation and helped us understand what options were best for our home. We went with their recommendation and the premium foam insulation made such a difference – I couldn’t be happier with their work and their great product.

John Q. – Lancaster, PA


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