USA Insulation is proud to say we’ve provided more than 80,000 home and business owners with comfort, savings and energy efficiency for 33 years. And boy, has it been a wild ride.

When our company first came to be, the country was in a serious energy crisis. Energy usage was at an all-time high, and everyone was looking for ways to conserve. The government even awarded homeowners big bucks for updating to more energy efficient systems. So, we turned to home insulation.

But, why?

Well, 33 years ago, insulation wasn’t required in most structures. That means homes and businesses built before the mid-1970s are forced to bare harsh winters without a proper winter coat and left with nothing to block the heat in the dead of summer.

The solution was insulation but not just any insulation — USA Premium Foam® Insulation — the best available on the market. We refined our proprietary product in Cleveland, where our headquarters is now based. And its success speaks for itself. USA Premium Foam has become an industry game-changer with revolutionary and highly effective benefits. It fills every crack, crevice and cavity of a structure’s existing walls, while gently forming around pipes and wires. It even has a 35 percent higher R-Value than traditional forms of insulation. Our one-of-a-kind foam also blocks allergens and reduces outside noise by up to 80 percent. And, it improves a structure’s fire-resistance rating by 50 to 150 percent, the highest rating an insulation product can receive for residential and commercial applications.

A quality team goes hand in hand with a quality product. 

We owe our success to more than just our amazing product. We couldn’t become the leading franchise brand in home insulation without our close-knit team of franchise owners and experienced professionals. We’re constantly thinking of ways to improve, refining our processes and are experiencing consistent growth. Team members get exclusive access to tried-and-tested strategies and support that sets them — and their customers — up for success. With our easily scalable business model, growth potential is near endless.

Together, we do what it takes to not only get the job done but to get it done right. We make it a point to never upcharge or oversell. And our customers reward us for it by recommending our services to their friends. In fact, most of our leads are generated by word-of-mouth referrals.

Twenty-five locations, 33 years, and more than 80,000 happy customers later, it’s easy to see why USA Insulation is the leader of the home insulation industry.

Explore our industry-leading franchise opportunity, and get serious about wealth building.

Here’s to 33 more years of growth.