Our Story

Established in 1977 and incorporated in 1985 in Eastlake, OH by Founder Jeff Pitrone, USA Insulationhas been providing quality insulation products and services for over 25 years.

It was the summer of 1983. Jeff was in the building business and like most builders, with interest-rates hovering around 20%, he was looking for something he could do to provide for his family. Theopportunity to get involved in the insulation business came when he discovered that the federal and stategovernments were giving Tax Credits for energy conservation projects. Knowing the insulation portionof building, he thought it would be something he could handle until the economy healed itself. He ranhis first appointment on August 15th, 1983 and it sold rather easily. One sale became ten sales and tenbecame one hundred. He understood right away that his customers were very willing to pay more moneyfor better products and a great service. By the end of 1985, Jeff incorporated USA Insulation.

In 1985 USA expanded its Cleveland-based operation to Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. Insulatingbuildings such as Jacobs Field, Gund Arena and University Hospitals of Cleveland, to name a few, USAInsulation has directed its focus and proprietary USA Premium Foam Insulation toward insulation ofresidential homes.

With over 30,000 homes insulated to date, USA Insulation has become one of the premier residentialretrofit insulation companies in America. Our success relies on our commitment to quality products, solidtechniques and customer satisfaction. The only way to increase our business is to satisfy the customer,one home at a time.